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Анонс. Курс повышения квалификации «Физико-химические методы анализа. Реометрия: теория и практика»
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Реометры серии Discovery HR теперь в Реестре СИ
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Современные имплантаты для замены сердечного клапана служат дольше. Оборудование TA Instruments для кардиохирургии
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ВЕБИНАР TA Instruments. Методы измерения температуро- и теплопроводности
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ВЕБИНАР TA Instruments. Управление тепловым потоком батарей с использованием изотермической калориметрии
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ВЕБИНАР TA Instruments. Измерение влияния влажности на свойства материалов
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Завершен курс по методам термического анализа-2021
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19.10.2022 - 21.10.2022
Курс повышения квалификации «Физико-химические методы анализа. Реометрия: теория и практика»
НИТУ «МИСиС» (г. Москва, Ленинский пр-т, д. 6, м. Октябрьская)
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19.10.2021 - 22.10.2021
Курс повышения квалификации по методам термического анализа
г. Москва, НИТУ "МИСиС"
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LIMS Solutions

As representatives of Thermo Scientific Informatics products in Russian Federation and CIS we are proud to provide a comprehensive offering of Thermo Scientific LIMS and Informatics solutions


LIMS Solutions for Your Industry

When it comes to managing your most valuable asset, the data being generated in your laboratories, there is no more trusted brand than Thermo Scientific. We deliver the comprehensive solutions you can count on to advance your science, improve efficiencies and increase your bottom line.


Oil and Gas
Today’s oil and gas companies are challenged by increasing demands to reduce costs, increase output and improve productivity so that shareholder value is optimized.  Thermo Scientific LIMS supports the efforts of companies in exploration, refining and production of oil and gas.


Biobanking and Biorepositories
Biobanks and biorepositories are challenged by unique and complex issues related to data and sample management , biospecimen storage, chain of custody, traceability and shipping, patient privacy and ethical concerns as well as scalability and collaboration.


Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, QA/QC
Pharmaceutical manufacturing and QA/QC labs need sophisticated enterprise level informatics solutions that can connect diverse and geographically remote laboratories and address regulatory constraints, complex batch management and unique customer requirements.


Biopharmaceutical R&D
Pharmaceutical companies engaged in both large and small molecule research require informatics solutions that are flexible enough to accommodate unique testing protocols and deliver rapid turnaround of results.

Clinical Testing & Molecular Diagnostics
Clinical and Molecular Diagnostic environments need a streamlined end-to-end information flow following the patient from the point of care, to molecular testing and results analysis, to diagnoses and treatment, enabling the physician to better utilize the latest medical advancements.


Contract Research Laboratories
Our LIMS for bioanalytical CRO’s enables full integration of the laboratory, including instruments and enterprise systems, as well as seamless integration with any external pharmaceutical sponsor company or collaborative network.


Drug Discovery
Bioanalytical laboratories rely on state-of-the-art informatics solutions that deliver flexibility, security, integration capabilities and operational efficiencies.


Food & Beverage
Reducing the risks and costs associated with quality and safety of food and beverage products requires manufacturers to implement solutions that ensure that supply chain operations are in compliance with industry regulations.


Forensics labs have unique information management challenges that require flexibility and security, high volume sample testing and access to real-time results monitoring.

Mining and Metals Manufacturing

Metals and minerals production requires a fast turn-around of quality data, particularly in refining and extraction operations.


Water, Wastewater & Environmental 
In order to maintain environmental standards for water and wastewater treatment, environmental laboratories need to ensure the integrity of sample management and accurate, timely test results while complying with a growing list of regulatory requirements.


Chemical Manufacturing

Whether you’re in basic and intermediate chemicals, specialty chemicals, agricultural chemicals, household chemicals, personal care products, plastics and fibers, or paints and coatings, you are most likely facing increasing pressures to lower costs, control waste, reduce inventory, increase efficiency, and maintain regulatory compliance.


Integration Solutions

CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab

By identifying areas where workflow can be improved by automation or integration of instruments across the lab, you can realize operational gains, improve productivity and accelerate your ROI. By optimizing and integrating your informatics investments, you will realize greatest value to the organization now, while having the assurance that your investment has been maximized to meet future changes to your business environment.

Integration Manager
Thermo Scientific Integration Manager is a flexible and powerful data transformation tool that delivers automated data acquisition and point-to-point data distribution across the enterprise. With Integration Manager, you can fully integrate all the instruments in your lab with the LIMS, ERP, PIMS and MES. Integration Manager allows data to be collected electronically and stored in a central database, regardless of the individual output formats produced by each instrument.

SDMS (Scientific Data Management Systems)
Thermo Scientific Data Manager ensures long-term data preservation, accessibility and retrieval of raw data, and provides the ability to share, compare, search and query instrument and document data. By archiving data in a normalized XML-based format our SDMS easily integrates with existing informatics systems such as LIMS, CDS, ELNs, ERP as well as all laboratory instruments to increase the utility, value, availability and longevity of these information resources. Through a unique library of over 150 powerful file converters that automatically generate XML versions of the data, the archived information can be viewed on virtually any platform without using the original instrument software.

ELN (Electronic Lab Notebooks)
We partner with our customers to provide an assessment of your current lab situation, analyzing work flow opportunities, potential areas for reducing operational bottlenecks and recommend an informatics solution that is tailored to your business needs. An ELN/ELN functionality may be one part of that equation and we can deliver a fully integrated solution that provides you with laboratory informatics that meet today’s challenges and grow with your business needs.


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